More Than Words Charity was founded by Paul & Hannah Hughes after being inspired by their daughter Gracie. Gracie has an undiagnosed genetic disorder and this has presented her with several difficulties. However despite Gracie's challenges she continues to prove to medical professionals that with the right support anything is possible. Hannah & Paul used Gracie's determination to focus their negative energy on something positive.
One of Gracie’s daily hurdles was her inability to communicate orally. This caused Gracie considerable frustration, which was upsetting for both Gracie and her family. Her distress sometimes lead to Gracie experiencing further problems with her breathing which, as you can imagine, is both alarming and unsettling for everybody. As a family they worked hard to independently introduce signing with Gracie to which they saw an extremely positive result.

One of the hurdles that Gracie's parents uncounted on a daily basis was that Gracie’s disorder did not ‘FIT IN A BOX’.  This made it difficult for the family to access the right support for Gracie.  It was also extremely frustrating as they knew that access to certain services would be really beneficial for Gracie’s development.  The longer the family continued on their journey they found that the services for disabled children in Kent were few and far between.  They felt that if these services were easily accessible to children it could make a huge difference to not only the child’s life but also the family. 

It was at this point More Than Words was born with the aim to help as many families as possible regardless of their disability.


'Every Child Deserves A Voice'

In the UK, over 1 million children and young people, that’s 2 – 3 in every UK classroom, have some form of long term and persistent speech, language and communication difficulty. This can affect them early, severely and for life.




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